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PCBO Settlement & Integration Services (SIS) Committee: Enhancing Newcomers' Journey in Canada

PCBO- Settlement & Integration Services (SIS) Committee is here for you to make Canada better and prosperous home with the help of community resources and expert volunteer panel.
Services available in English, Urdu and Punjabi.
To find out how PCBO- Settlement & Integration Services (SIS) Committee help you, please contact our Committee members.


PCBO-SIS: Mission and Services

To provide business training, coaching to newcomers with the help of PCBO members or through establish businesses and services providers.
To partner with the existing agencies serving New comers and Refugees in various cities especially GTA, PEEL region,GHA and in Southern Ontario.

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Enhancing Newcomers' Settlement and Integration: PCBO-SIS: Mission and Services

To assist the new comers and refugees in their endeavour to settle in Ontario and then integrate into the diverse Canadian fabric to become a civic Canadian citizen.


PCBO-SIS: Mission and Services

To assist the new comers, international students and refugees on finding temporary or affordable housing. To identify the financial funding resources and further securing the funds from public agencies, private and donor agencies serving the purpose.
To provide organizational platform to newcomers for rapid social integration in community and in main stream of society.

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PCBO is a not-for-profit, Non-religious and non-political organization having vision to empower businesses and new comers in community.

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Office: 36 Birchcliffe Crescent Hamilton,Ontario L8T 4K7 Canada 🇨🇦

Muhammad Naeem Malik
President PCBO

Syed Kamal Shah
Chairman PCBO

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