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Pakistan Canada Business Organization's mission is to work & promote community's businesses & social growth.


The Pakistan Canada Business Orgnization (“PCBO ”) is a federal not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, who has a vision:

To provide a platform for cultivating robust social and business networking and promoting substantial economic development and cultural heritage within the Pakistani community, mainstream society, and newcomers in the Greater Hamilton area, Southern Ontario and Canada.

Encouraging collaboration between Pakistani businesses within and outside Canada, promoting trade, investment and cross-cultural understanding among diverse Canadian communities.


To preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Pakistani community while actively promoting its contributions to the Greater Hamilton and Southern Ontario communities.

To provide comprehensive support and resources that empower Pakistani businesses and entrepreneurs, facilitating their integration into the local economy.

To establish strategic partnerships with governmental, private organizations, and volunteer sectors to create a platform for collaborative initiatives, fostering business opportunities and socio-economic development.


Friendship: Fostering bonds that transcend borders, uniting Pakistani and Canadian communities in a shared vision.

Economic prosperity: Envisioning a future where economic prosperity converge for the Pakistani diaspora in Hamilton, Southern Ontario and Canada.

Collaboration: Collective efforts across sectors to drive innovation and sustainable development. Forging alliances built on shared goals for mutual growth and success.

Action: Proactively translating values into impactful initiatives, striving for tangible outcomes and positive change.

Professional People

Dedicated Team


Flag ship initiatives and Programs

A Team of progressive Pakistani Canadians from multiple regions of Greater Hamilton Area & Southern Ontario, with clear vision of non-political, non-religious, not for profit agenda. At PCBO, we are guided by a visionary approach, constantly seeking innovative pathways for unity, harmony and progress. Our progressive mindset propels us to envision a future where our both beloved nations of Pakistan and Canada thrive economically, socially, and culturally.

  • Diverse, Multiregional and International Membership
  • Effective Youth Involvement in Leadership
  • Vibrant Business Women Group
  • Digital Business Directory
  • PCBO TV/ Youtube Channel
  • Proactive Social Media Plateforms
  • Newcomers settlement and integration services
  • Collaboration in Community & Charity works
  • Business Seminars
  • Celebrating Cultural and Coommunity Events
  • Collaboration with Government and Community Organizations
  • Working with Chamber of Commerces
  • Working with Pakistan Consulate
  • To establish a Business and Community Center

Help the People

Our Popular Programs

PCBO is here for you to make Canada better and prosperous home By Helping People

  • Digital Business Directory

    PCBO digital business directory (searchable, website and apps) features more than 800 businesses in 160+ categories, businesses of Hamilton and Ontario community, businesses of friends and PCBO members and businesses from Dubai, USA, Pakistan and outside of Canada.

  • Newcomers settlement and integration

    We assist the new comers, international and refugees in their endeavour to settle in Ontario and then integrate into the diverse Canadian fabric to become a stronger Canadian citizens.

  • Partnership and Collaboration

    PCBO is working with local government -City of Hamilton and have partnership and collaboration with other Community organizations. PCBO is working with local Chambers of Commerce. PCBO is promoting international investors and business-men for joint businesses, trade and investment ventures.

  • Youtube Channel

    PCBO Youtube TV Channel is promoting businesses advertisements and community activities

  • Business and Community Center

    Pakistan Canada Business Organization is also working on project of business and community center to promote businesses and for social growth.

  • Charity Works

    PCBO is helping and promoting charity works locally and abroad. We are supporting individually with help of our members and collaborate with other organization in their charity projects.

List of Events

Upcoming Events

PCBO 2024 Business Seminar in April or May -Canada Day in July -Pakistan Independance Day Celebration in August -Annual Members Holiday Gathering in December


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    PCBO is a not-for-profit, Non-religious and non-political organization having vision to empower businesses and new comers in community.

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    Muhammad Naeem Malik
    President PCBO

    Syed Kamal Shah
    Chairman PCBO

    Supporting our professionals, businesses, and new comers in community.

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