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With a mission to develop a Business and Community Center, PCBO aims to serve as a vital hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, and community members from both nations.
PCBO's primary objectives include facilitating trade and investment opportunities, promoting cultural exchange, and providing support services for businesses and individuals seeking to engage in bilateral activities between Pakistan and Canada. Through networking events, seminars, and collaborative initiatives, PCBO endeavors to strengthen economic ties and create a vibrant community platform that encourages growth, innovation, and mutual understanding.

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Pakistan Business & Community Center, in Ontario.

Needs and Purposes of Pakistan Community Center, 1-For business seminars and coaching for new and existing business owners and newcomers (Men & Women) 2- for Seniors recreations and social programs 3-For youth Programs- recreation,Sports, ,awareness,training and educational 4-Women entrepreneurship and women empowerment Programs 5-For Temporary shelter for Women,victims of domestic violence. 6-For weekly, recreational and informative sessions of special needs Children and Adults. 7-For community events, Exhibitions, celebration and cultural gatherings. 8-For skill and language improvement classes 9-For PCBO YouTube and IPTV programs production Studio. 10-For PCBO office and meetings. 11- For occasional services of pakistan consulate office Toronto 12-For Storage for Food Bank 13-To connect and unite the community from multiple regions and backgrounds. 14-To promote and preserve our culture,heritage, language and values. 15-To meet challenges of growing population and community in GHA and surrounding cities. 16-To establish a senior retirement home 17-To establish a daycare centre Sincerely, Muhammad Naeem Malik Secretary PCBO 289-700-0646 Pcbo11-Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn Pcbo1 tiktok Pcbo YouTube Channel. Syed Yawar Bukhari , Chair Pakistan Business and Community Center Committee 416- 985-7933 To all Respected friends and community members and leaders, Please join us in establishing first Pakistan Business & Community Center, in Ontario. Pakistan Canada Business Organization is a non political,non religious and not for profit platform,having a membership from diverse backgrounds and countries. The PCBO is highly committed to build a center for execution and promotion of community and newcomers businesses and social growth initiatives and Programs. Indead,Pak Business & Community Center in Greater Hamilton area will be becon of unity and harmony and will connect our membership,buisnesses and diverse communities in multiple cities of Southern Ontario and beyond. Our group of community leaders formly gave presentation of purposed Business and Community Center in group meeting on 7th of October 2021. Recently, meeting of the Board of Directors of Pakistan Canada Business Organization (PCBO) and Pakistan Center Committee was held on 12-05-24,at the Galito's Restaurant Ancaster. Various options regarding establishing Pakistan Business & community center were discussed, suggestions were made, analyzed, ranked, and prioritized. A substantial amount of pledges were also made by the executives at the first step. It was agreed that Ten members PCBO Board of Directors will manage the project and arrange the funds, initially estimated around 600000 dollars for land/community hall/2 Room,through individual pledges and community fundraising events in Hamilton/Mississauga. We are greatly thankful to Respected LJ Mian (Honorary Director PCBO and CEO of LJM Developments) for his great financial and motivational support and guidance in each step of establishing a first Pakistan Business and Community Center in Ontario. First fundraising event will be held in July,2024. A Board of Trustees will be formed to assure more transparency. The meeting was chaired by Syed Kamal Shah Chairman PCBO. COMMUNITY CENTER Community centres, or community halls are public locations where members of a community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes. They may be open for the whole community or for a specialized subgroup within the greater community. PCBO Business initiatives, who understands the diversity in the immigrant Communities and their diverse needs, funding mechanism, volunteerism, local socio-political power-hubs, and leveraging the available resources to synchronize them in the broader benefit of immigrants. PCBO Flagship Initiatives: *PCBO Digital Business Directory (Web+Apps). **PCBO Vibrant social media platforms and YouTube channel ● New Immigrants Settlement & Integration Services : PCBO has established a working committee of its committed members for drafting a workable partnership program to assist the new immigrants and refugees in Hamilton. The final draft has been reviewed and formally approved by the PCBO Board .. The recommendation of the draft chalked out the areas of cooperation with the City and other Not for Profit organizations serving immigrants and refugees. ● Business Incubation Centre: it is a PCBO initiative for new immigrants under the settlement program. PCBO has already drafted a framework for our operating plan for establishing a Business Incubation Centre. A community center that will help New Immigrants to hone their skills under the mentorship of successful business owners and small n medium size organizations, ● Skill Development Workshops and Seminars: PCBO has scheduled year-round knowledge-sharing and skill development programs and seminars for the NEW Immigrants. We have a pool of business and professionals such as Financial advisors, Tax and accounting professionals, Engineers and Medical Professionals, Trades, life skills experts, culinary business development mentors, construction business owners, and IT professionals. PCBO will share the experience and knowledge to empower the new immigrants to help them succeed in their Canadian immigration decisions and hence become a contributor to the Canadian economy. ●Muslim Seniors Home: Muslims of Hamilton are lacking seniors care centers where they can get services appropriate to their cultural needs. We are committed to gathering our local resources and looking forward to partnering with the City for seniors programs where Muslim seniors can benefit most. ● Temporary Women Shelter- victims of domestic violence ● Pakistan consulate services (monthly) ● Programs for seniors,Youth & Women(recreational,educational and awareness) ×Programs(recreational and informative)for special needs Children and Adults. ● PCBO office,meeting,Celebrations,Exhibitions (cultural,educational,Business) Committee for Pakistan Business & Community center *For Production hose of PCBO TV Programs for YouTube Channel & IPTV Channel Syed Yawar Bukhari Chair Muhammad Naeem Malik -Secretary Syed Kamal Shah Anjum Qureshi Ejaz Butt Saeeda Ashraf Anis Ahmad Zafar Pasha Ayaz Bodla Yousaf Rummaan Naveed Khokha Shakeel Rana LJMian Ghulam Nabi Butt

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Community Center Design: How Sustainability Would Make A Difference

The designing of any building requires innumerable ideas and efforts. before it turns into a marvelous structure. And, when it comes to the community center designing it ought to have that unique factor. The design of the community center should not only appear a masterpiece but should also be able to pass on a bigger message ie. "Sustainability.
Everyone is aware of how the earth is getting affected by human's non-friendly environmental methods. Though it is the duty of every individual to contribute positively towards the environment, the opposite has always proved to be true. But, one should know that even a small step towards saving the environment can matter a lot. By adding the sustainability factor to the community center design, the environmental damage can be minimized to a great extent.

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PCBO is a not-for-profit, Non-religious and non-political organization having vision to empower businesses and new comers in community.

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